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HDTV releases a gas worse than carbon dioxide

It turns out HDTVs are a bit hazardous to our health, well eventually. Actually, it turns out, all flat-panel displays aren’t so great.


Darth Vader Bobble Head

If you need a little reinformement when it comes to keeping yourself in line while on your computer, this little bobble head is perfect.  He sits atop your monitor peering down  at you.


Cardboard Grandfather Clock – matches pizza box tables

If you can’t afford a large intricate grandfather clock and want to horrify your older relatives, this little clock ought to do the trick. Even the younger generation might find themselves horrified over it.


Nintendo DS Star Wars Stylus

So far I had thought that the only cool accessory to go with the DS was a case and maybe some kind of a skin to go with it. There are only so many things you can pair with one electronic. Well Nintendo DS has proven me wrong, they have created a lightsaber stylus.


Stereo Mammograms detect cancer better

Mammograms are one thing that if you bring it up in a room full of women, you’re bound to here a bit of grumbling. They are uncomfortable and apparently not always that accurate. Well now there is a new method in the works that is more accurate and one that is hopefully less painful.


Nextar’s Wireless Floating Speakers

If you’ve got a pool you like to bring some music with you when you’re in it, this wireless speaker can bob in the water with you. All the while your iPod is someplace else staying dry.


Fisher & Paykel’s Intuitive Eco washer

If you’re on the lookout for ways to make your home more eco-friendly, this washer is a nice convenient way to do it. It doesn’t cause you to do any extra work than you normally would, but still uses less water and energy.


IHM6 Speaker Pouch puts your iPod on display

Portable speakers are a dime a dozen anymore, but this new design also has a protective pouch attached to it to set it apart from the competition. That pouch will not only keep your iPod safe, but also allows for you to watch movies on it still.


Diablo III producer under fire for adding color

Diablo fans have finally gotten Diablo III and even now that they’ve gotten it, some still aren’t happy.  It would appear as if some fans would prefer the new Diablo to be no different from the first two graphics-wise.  Which I understand, it’s hard when one of your favorite games is altered.  One great example of a new direction gone wrong is Doom 3.  I still have the old Doom games on my computer, but I despise Doom 3.


The LED Bench seems a bit pointless

Add this one to the section of random devices now with added LED lights. I’m not entirely sure it was necessary but I suppose it does look cool.

The bench is obviously weather resistant, so you can use it both indoors and out. It glows either one color or you can program it to change between several colors.

It’s supposed to be relaxing or something along those lines. This 95w bench is made by a German company and to find out more on pricing you’ll have to actually contact them (which is never good news).

The retro Wooden Radio Clock

This little clock is meant to look retro, but honestly the wood design looks like it was made out of plywood with some fake wood paneling tossed on top. However, the seller Gadget4all isn’t exactly known for their chic designs.


Blizzard still has one more secret project

Turns out that the Diablo III game isn’t the only big news Blizzard will be announcing this year.  They’ve got another MMO they’ve been working on.  Rob Pardo spoke briefly on the subject saying “So we have another development team.  So yeah, there’s still an unknown project in development from us.”