Augmented Reality Cinema App Brings You Into Movies Shot At Your Location

Augmented reality is increasingly being used in creative ways for apps, games, and shopping experiences. The visual combination of what's captured real-time in the physical environment with that which is "augmented" creates very interesting results with many applications and possibilities. Some are more useful while others are simply fun. And one of these fun apps to come is the "Augmented Reality Cinema" app that brings you movie scenes shot at your location.

The Augmented Reality Cinema app video demo of it shows some pretty nifty features. The app lets you capture stills or video of a location to bring up movie scenes that were shot in the same location. It even allows you to take an image of yourself in that location to insert yourself into the scene. Take a look at the video below to get a taste of the fun.

The app doesn't appear to be ready yet, but at this point it is an interesting concept that could be a fun travel app for movie buffs. The possibilities for augmented reality continues to develop, with Sony most recently announcing a SmartAR technology that can auto-detect objects for tracking movement, eliminating the need for marker glyphs.

[via Engadget]