Guy gets 3DS Augmented Reality card tattoo

We have seen tech fans get some weird tattoos over the years. Back in December we talked about the guy who got the Verizon logo tattooed on his hand. That was certainly a geeky tattoo, and now we have a guy, who has had another even geekier tattoo drawn on his forearm. The tattoo in question is something that many Nintendo 3DS owners will recognize.

The dude that got the tattoo goes by cranberryzero and the tattoo was inked by Colby at Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh, NC. The guy says that he though the AR card would make a "killer" tattoo, and the car is linked to his Mii on the console. The tattoo isn't without its issues though. The guy says that the AR doesn't always work on bright light, but it works fine in dim light.

He also notes to anyone else wanting got get the tattoo that the 3DS says to never obscure the white border of the AR card, but his works well enough most of the time. I can't think of a more epic fail than getting an AR tattoo that doesn't work. You can see the tattoo in the video below.

[via iHeartChaos]