Verizon Tattooed on Mans Hand, Forehead Next (Really!) [Video]

The biggest fan of Verizon Wireless in the world is not it's CEO, not its founder, not even anyone who's won a contest that's brought them a lifetime supply of free phones, no! The biggest fan of Verizon Wireless in the world is a man by the name of Daniel Carrion, a man who is a professional tattoo artist who has decided to show his love for the company by tattooing their current logo on his left hand.

But wait, didn't I title this post with an additional tattoo location? Yes! Carrion's plan for the future is a tattoo right across his forehead. Undeniably the most devoted fan to a wireless company we've ever seen. Why would this man do such a thing? He's "just a really, really big fan of Verizon Wireless." As far as compensation for being a walking billboard for life, Carrion notes "Verizon probably spends millions in advertising and marketing every year, I'm not doing this to get money, but sponsoring my tattoo would be a relatively cheap way to increase brand exposure, and I wouldn't turn down any compensation."

He goes on to note that his upcoming forehead tattoo needs to happen to secure a future where he says "the logo will be in front of all my friends and anyone I run into on a daily basis." Take a peek at the video for real, factual proof of this wild situation.

[Via IntoMobile]