Audi Visions OLED "living lighting" demonstrated

This week the automotive group Audi is showing off their Visions OLED lighting concept for ultra-impressive arrays of interactive lights across both their R8 and Q7 model vehicles. The video you're about to see might set your face on fire with how awesome it is, so Pimp My Ride lovers beware. Stephan Berlitz, head of lighting technology and electronics at Audi noted that the homogenous visual effects you're about to see in the video would not have been possible with simple LEDs, "hese are individual points of light that need additional optical devices – reflectors, optical conductors or scatter optics." Have a peek at this masterpiece for yourself, if you dare.

Organic Light Emitting Diodes are at work here, otherwise known as OLED lights, and what you've got going on is a set of pieces of hardware that are so tiny that they can all be transparent, and activated can create several layered effects for mixed colors. Four small red OLED plates are aligned next to one another in the Audi Q7, with then eight flat segments making up the curved yellow strip to display the turn indicator. Have a peek at this video before you start to process this amalgamation too hard:

What a masterpiece, yes? As Berlitz explains, Audi is working with OLED technology because it's able to combine "maximum precision" with "high-end technology" for a wholly "super design." Follow along with this all if you do so dare:

"These are individual points of light that need additional optical devices – reflectors, optical conductors or scatter optics. OLED surfaces are themselves the source of light, and the thin plates also look attractive. They weigh little, light up extremely fast, develop only a small amount of heat, last for several tens of thousand hours and don't consume any more energy than conventional light-emitting diodes." – Berlitz

We'll be continuing to follow along with Audi's seemingly other-worldly ability to decorate their vehicles into the future for quite a long time, we suspect. With the oncoming of the massively bright future, light displays like this are sure to be popping up on vehicles from here to Tokyo in the next 5 to 10 years – just you watch!

Also be sure to keep your eyes on Audi for their collaborative efforts with the chipmakers known as NVIDIA for Audi vehicles with Tegra 3 quad-core processors with 4-PLUS-1 technology embedded in the near future. What we've seen thus far is impressive – and the final product can only get better from here.

[via Euro Car News]