AT&T-spec Dell Venue Pro clears FCC with 3G promise

Dell's Venue Pro has had a second shot at the FCC, this time switching out its 3G capabilities for AT&T compatible bands. The original Venue Pro supported T-Mobile USA and various European networks, but lacked 3G/UMTS support for AT&T in the US; this new filing shows that Dell isn't planning on leaving those subscribers out in the cold.

The Venue Pro grabbed attention as the only Windows Phone 7 device with a portrait-sliding QWERTY keyboard, as well as a 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen and Microsoft's newest smartphone OS. Unfortunately Dell has been hampered by supply issues, with the company admitting that manufacturing problems have pushed back shipping times.

While it's unconfirmed whether Dell will actually release this AT&T-compatible version of the Venue Pro – which will also work on Canadian carriers Rogers, Bell and Telus – it seems unlikely that Dell would shy from putting its handset on as many North American networks as possible. More information on the smartphone in our hands-on.

Dell Venue Pro hands-on:

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[via Engadget]