AT&T announces early upgrade option for 6-month old subscribers

JC Torres - Jan 20, 2014
AT&T announces early upgrade option for 6-month old subscribers

The battle between carriers is reaching a new chapters. After T-Mobile and Verizon announced new deals to entice new users or keep old ones from switching sides, AT&T is now also revealing a new offer under its AT&T Next program.

At CES 2014, T-Mobile made a rather bold and aggressive move to poach subscribers from other major US carriers, including Verizon and AT&T. Under its new offer, T-Mobile will be paying off early termination fees from other carriers in exchange for new loyalties and a subscription to its Simple Choice Plan.

Though not saying it outright, Verizon yesterday modified its Edge offering in response. For a yet unknown amount of time, eligible Verizon customers, which include old postpaid subscribers and new credit-worthy applicants, can switch to a new device after just 30 days. Under the old Edge system, such people will have to wait at least 6 months before availing of the offer.

Now AT&T is also relaxing its AT&T Next requirements in an attempt to keep its customers in its grasps. Under the Next program, subscribers can switch to a new smartphone with $0 down payment. Now AT&T Next will be available to existing customers who are on a two-year contract as of January 18 this year. This offer is applicable as long as they are 6 months into their contract already.

This new AT&T Next promo goes hand in hand with the carrier’s Mobile Share Value plan, which AT&T is selling as an upgrade path. For customers who sign up for a two-year contract after January 19 this year will only be eligible for the upgrade only after 20 months.

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