ATI DirectX 11 video card live images leak

AMD made a big song and dance of their new ATI DirectX 11 video card last week, showing it off for the first time at QuakeCon and putting on some heady demonstrations of its indecently high performance.  Well, we say "showing it off", but actually AMD kept a tight lid on the physical design of the new card; unfortunately not tight enough to avoid Chiphell getting their hands on some leaked images.

There's not a huge amount to be seen, really, given the huge black plastic shield covering the mainboard, but the dual-width card does show its various output ports and a considerable fan.  Connectivity looks set to include two DVI outputs, an HDMI and an DisplayPort socket, which pretty much covers all the bases you may require.

The production DirectX 11 cards themselves are expected to land on the market by the holiday shopping season.  No word on pricing but having read some of the demo feedback from PC Perspective and Legit Reviews we're not expecting anything cheap.

[via The Tech Report]