Atari’s Pridefest: LGBT social-sim game for Android and iOS

Chris Burns - Jul 17, 2014, 1:45 pm CDT
Atari’s Pridefest: LGBT social-sim game for Android and iOS

It’s no secret that more users than the young, white, straight, American male plays video games here in 2014. Whether or not that means that Atari’s latest mobile game Pridefest is a good fit for the next generation of gamers is another subject entirely. Today ATARI adds more detail to their social-sim game which has players “create and launch their very own personalized pride parade.”

This game sets you in a world where you need to keep your city “happy and vibrant.” To do this, you’ll need to collect parade and festival supplies, earn and unlock quests, and more through a series of tasks.

• Design and launch a pride parade with flotillas, mascots, decorations, and entertainment.
• Create vendors, attractions, and consumable items to score points.
• Solve challenges and quests, unlock abilities and supplies, build happiness in your city.

Once the game takes off, you’ll be able to chat with real-life friends, meet new friends, and visit each others cities. There you’ll find the ability to travel about with your own customized avatars “bedecked in clothes and jewelry.”

You’ll also be able to personalize your avatar with “different body types, clothes, and accessories.” These avatars will be able to “lead your own pride parade or join a friend’s parade.”

We first caught wind of this game earlier this month when Atari mentioned their rebirth of sorts. Bringing a number of classic games to iOS and Android as well as creating a block-graphics game like Minimum appear to take the company out a whole new door.

This game is formatted to work on any smartphone or tablet right out of the box. Most Android devices work with Pridefest immediately, while the most current several generations of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch should work fine. Pricing is TBD, and we’ll know more once the game is closer to launch later this year.

Whether or not this collection of moves will push Atari into the future will be left up to you. Anything look nice enough to pick up and toss around?

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