Atari bringing classic games to iOS and Android

Chris Burns - Jun 18, 2014, 11:35am CDT
Atari bringing classic games to iOS and Android

The folks behind business strategy at gaming company Atari have let it be known this week that they’ll be staging a “Corporate Comeback” of sorts, starting with such important releases as “Asteroids” on iOS. They’ll be bringing a wide variety of games from the classic era to the mobile universe, working with both iOS and Android in the near future as well.

Having released new-age games like Minimum in recent months with striking success seems to have pushed Atari into a new age. Minimum takes on the 3rd-person shooter universe with blocks and simple color pallats, bringing on the tagline “Less Is More” to Steam Early Access.

Now they’ll be pushing “classic gaming brands” to “various platforms including mobile” as well. This includes iOS for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android for smartphones and tablets, PCs, online, and “Other digital mediums.”

ABOVE: Asteroids, the first “classic” game that Atari will be bringing to iOS later this year.

Atari has also noted this week that they’ll be continuing to license products across all arenas through the future. “Particularly for ramified hardware and wearable devices,” says Atari, aiming for “other rapidly growing markets” as well. We’ve reached out to Atari for further comment on when and how the mobile arena will be reached and regarding what, exactly, they plan on doing for wearable gaming devices in general.

Now we continue to wait and see when Nintendo will, at long last, give over to the dark side. Pokemon on a smartphone – it has to happen!

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