ASUS Transformer Prime hands-on with games Bladeslinger, Glowball, Chidori

What you're about to witness is a set of three hands-on videos of a few games that were included on the ASUS Transformer Prime Android tablet when it came to your humble narrator's doorstep last week for review. While none of these three games will be on your tablet when you first pull it out of the box later this month, you'll be able to purchase them eventually, be it the moment you hit the Android Market or sometime early next year when the game is finished. First we've got a platform demo by Chidori in a fighting game, then the already classic Glowball real-time generated 3D environment game, and Bladeslinger – 3rd person battle in the old west with monsters galore.

Chidori fighter

While I'm not really sure what to call this game, as technically it does not have a name at the moment, I can tell you that it's a fighting game made on the Chidori platform. What Chidori does is act as a conduit between game developers and their desire to have their games on multiple platforms right out of the box. Chidori as a collective aims to provide developers with the tools they need to make this happen, and with Tegra 3 they've optimized their engine for future developers so they might make the most advanced games in the mobile space with precision and grace.

In this demonstration you'll see a very unfinished fighting game made inside the Chidori engine environment, complete with on-screen controls and a handful of punch and kick moves. Notice in the upper left-hand corner that there are four green bars moving back and forth as the gameplay progresses – this is a basic look at how each of the four main cores on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor are being utilized.


This game first appeared in a demonstration of what was then called Project Kal-El earlier this year – this project eventually became known as Tegra 3, so you know this game is made to be more than just optimized for this space. Glowball's main intent is to show off the capabilities of the NVIDIA quad-core processor, allowing you to see each of its magnificent effects off and on live as you play.

There's also a set of goals you can accomplish in this game, like hitting all the jack in the boxes, but fah! It's all about the rolling around and having a great time with live-rendered effects. This is the only game of the three in this post that will be available right away when you pick up your Transformer Prime later this month.


When you enter the world of Bladeslinger, you should know right off the bat that this is no Cowboys and Aliens. It's no Infinity Blade either, and it's certainly not Shadowgun. Instead it's a combination of elements from each of those franchises, punched together to make you a cowboy with a knife attached to your gun and a mission to destroy the monster infestation upon you. You'll be hacking and slashing away as well as blasting this hoard in the face all the live-long day.

This game is in development at the moment and will be available inside the first half of 2012 from what we can tell thus far. Until then you'll do well to keep massacring the radiated beasts in, again, Shadowgun, until the filth is no more. Also meanwhile you should go ahead and check out our full review of the ASUS Transformer Prime to see what you're missing – get the purple — I mean, Amethyst Gray version! Clearly superior over that alcohol-flavored alternative.

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