ASUS sued over Transformer Prime toy trademark

ASUS has had no shortage of attention for the Transformer Prime, most of it positive, but toy and game manufacturer Hasbro isn't so impressed: it has sued ASUS over trademark infringement. Hasbro alleges that the name Transformer Prime overlaps with its own Transformer toy trademarks, paidContent reports, and is seeking a ban on sales in the US.

"Hasbro continues to aggressively protect its brands and products" the company said in a statement, "and the specific actions we are taking today against ASUS underscores yet again Hasbro's willingness to pursue companies who misappropriate our intellectual property for their own financial gain." ASUS is yet to comment on the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles, US last week.

The game company actually holds the trademark for "Transformers Prime" which covers "toy action figures; toy vehicles; toy robots covertible [sic] into other visual toy forms; board games; parlor games." That's among various other combinations of "Transformer" the company could call upon to demonstrate its existing use of the term.

ASUS' tablet, meanwhile, earned its title because of its clever removable battery dock, turning a Tegra 3 slate into a notebook replacement as well as adding extra battery power. Check out our full review for all the details.

[Image credit: Toybin]