ASUS ROG Phone 2 leaked: The thumb I missed

Today we're taking a look at the ASUS ROG Phone 2, a device that's not yet been officially revealed in detail by its maker. This device will likely be the predictable evolution of its predecessor, with a slightly larger display, a newer processor, and maybe an odd new feature or two. The original was marketed as a "gaming phone" and so too shall this one be – so what's the big deal?

This newest ASUS ROG Phone 2 appeared in a couple of leaked photos this morning. These images came from Digital Chat Station on Weibo where they in turn came from "a friend". Take a peek at that thumb and it won't seem a major stretch to connect to the rest of the hands-on photos the same user's previously posted – but in any case, the device looks legit.

In fact the device looks so extremely legit, it's difficult to imagine that this leak appeared courtesy of anyone other than either ASUS or an ASUS employee. What sort of real leaker takes only two photos? The sort that's all about that HYPE.

As such, I'd like you to err on the side of caution, here, folks. It's rumored that this phone has a 120Hz OLED display, which would eclipse the most impressive display on the planet today. It'd have as fast an image refresh rate as the RAZER Phone, but with the brightness and color intensity of a Samsung Galaxy S10. Does that seem likely?

If it DOES turn out to be true, ASUS will be sitting on the most fantastic display in a smartphone yet released on this planet. If they DO have such a display, they'll likely continue with the pricing established with the first ROG phone, which means your wallet is about to melt.

ASUS suggested that on July 23rd, they'll show the full phone, and reveal release date and such as well. This device could be the new gaming phone to beat. For now, we'll continue to look to the two best-in-class thus far: Razer Phone 2 without concern for price (since it's pretty high) and the Red Magic 3 (right in the price/power sweet spot).