ASUS Eee PC T91 gets hands-on play

Only yesterday we saw the ASUS Eee PC T91 slip through the FCC like a well-oiled stoat; today, the UK version of the convertible touchscreen netbook has landed on the sturdy desk of Electricpig.  It's early-days, but their initial trotters-on feedback is that the T91's touchscreen is responsive to the included stylus but tricky to control just with a finger.

Under the hood there's an Intel Atom Z520 processor and 1GB of RAM, a pairing we're a little less than excited about given previous feedback about the sluggish chip.  Still, hopefully ASUS' Magic Desktop GUI – not present on this review unit – will make things a little more palatable.

Looking at the size of the T91, the 8.9-inch format looks a decent scale for in-hand use, though you obviously get a smaller keyboard than in 10-inch Eee PCs.  It's also one USB 2.0 port down – two, rather than the typical three – but that shouldn't hold too many people back.  What remains to be seen is whether there's a market for it when it lands in the UK for £449 ($684) next month.