ASUS Eee PC T91 clears the FCC: viable 3G & SSD upgrades

ASUS' Eee PC T91 convertible touchscreen netbook has cleared the FCC, and the team there have done their usual job of stripping the hardware down to its more wirelessly-active components and taking fuzzy photos of each.  It's heaven for would-be T91 upgraders, of course, as it allows them to start making a list of possible tweaks.

Particular points of interest are the solid-state memory – which looks to be a standard 50mm board and as such readily exchangeable for larger-capacity versions – and the RAM slot being served by a user-accessible hatch on the bottom panel.  Meanwhile the GPS board could be swapped out for a combo GPS and 3G board, with a SIM reader slot right next to it on the mainboard; it'll take a little soldering to hook everything up, but that makes adding HSDPA/HSUPA a viable possibility.

It's not all good news, though: the battery is non-removable, similar to how ASUS have designed the Eee PC 1008HA Seashell.  The presence of dual SD card slots go some way to making up for that (one is to be used as a "Disk expander").  The full manual is available through the FCC.

[via jkkmobile - thanks Sal!]