ASUS Eee PC T101MT gets re-reviewed: improved [Video]

It's fair to say the early reviews of the ASUS Eee PC T101MT were disappointing, in no small part because it felt like we'd been waiting a whole long time for the company's latest touchscreen convertible.  According to netbooklive, however, we may all have spoken too soon: turns out that the hardware we've seen so far has been sprinkled with pre-production bugs; they've got a production-ready sample, and the end result is much more impressive.Video review after the cut

Performance still isn't going to blow anyone away; by the time ASUS load up all the various widgets, background apps and processes necessary to enable touch functionality, the T101MT is still sluggish, but it's nowhere near as bad as the pre-production models were.  The screen is also decent, proving more accurate to both finger and stylus use.

In the end, it's still very much a niche product, but one that now can at least be recommended to the tablet-faithful.  Our inclination is still to wait and see how slate-only tablets like the iPad and Notion Ink's Adam compare, but it seems ASUS have pulled the Eee PC T101MT out of the fire.