ASUS Eee PC Sirocco to deliver hurricane speed?

It seems like ages since we've had a good ASUS netbook tease – the company has been so busy concentrating on its Eee Pad Slider and Transform, and Eee Slate EP121 tablets that new budget ultraportables have almost fallen at the wayside. Now ASUS is promising a new Eee PC model at an event this Wednesday, the ASUS Eee PC Sirocco.

"Making waves" the teaser invitation suggests, complete with a sand dune background; Sirocco, meanwhile, is the name of a Mediterranean wind that can reach hurricane speeds. It seems likely that ASUS will be prioritizing both performance and styling with this particular netbook iteration, perhaps with a dune-textured lid.

As for processor choice, ASUS has kept a finger in three pies of late, announcing machines running Intel, AMD and NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips. Any of the three could be found in a netbook, so we'll have to wait until later in the week to find out what exactly makes the Eee PC Sirocco so special.

[via Notebook Italia]