ASUS Eee Keyboard gets Moblin [Video]

ASUS have been showing off their Eee Keyboard since CES back in January, but until now it's always been demonstrated running Windows XP.  Now the Eee Keyboard – which has a 5-inch touchscreen and is intended to function as a media PC – has been given a shot of Moblin, Intel's Linux-based OS.


Video demo after the cut

The model you can see is only a prototype at present, but there's no reason that ASUS couldn't deliver a Moblin version alongside the Windows XP Eee Keyboard.  Hardware in this case looks to be unchanged, so we'd still expect the same Intel Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of SSD storage.  Wireless HDMI is believed to be an option.

What the video doesn't show is any media functionality, so it remains to be seen what advantages there Moblin may bring over the Microsoft OS.  ASUS have repeatedly assured us that the Eee Keyboard will launch this month, priced at around $400.