Aston Martin Valkyrie rides forth as AM-RB 001 gets named

Aston Martin and Red Bull have given their AM-RB 001 hypercar a name, with the super powerful road-going racer set to launch as the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The name follows in the footsteps of previous "V" cars, the British automaker's affinity for the letter dating back to 1951. Then, the Aston Martin Vantage began a trend of extreme high-performance variants.

Still, the 1951 Vantage was – with 125 horsepower – a long way from what we're expecting from the Valkyrie. Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing haven't said exactly how much power the new car will be granted. Still, the project-formerly-known-as-AM-RB 001 should deliver a 1:1 ratio of power to weight from its naturally-aspirated, mid-mounted V12 engine, the duo confirmed.

The Valkyrie is about more than just raw performance from the engine, mind. Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing have been making some big claims about its body and aerodynamics, for instance. The coupe will have a lightweight carbon fiber body designed by Marek Reichman, Aston Martin's Chief Creative Officer, and Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing's Chief Technical Officer, that delivers what's said to be "unprecedented levels" of downforce for what's intended to be a road-going car.

Much of the aero work has taken place underneath, which is also where a new suspension system can be found that will be switchable from track-suiting to road-cosseting depending on how the Valkyrie is being used. An all-new transmission is also promised. Unusually for an extreme car of this sort, Aston Martin insists that it'll be usable as a grand tourer, including plenty of comforts for the driver and passenger.

"The Aston Martin Valkyrie is an incredibly special car that demands an equally remarkable name; an uncompromising car that leaves nothing in reserve." Marek Reichman, chief creative officer of Aston Martin, said of the hypercar. "The connotations of power and honor, of being chosen by the Gods are so evocative, and so pertinent to a car that only a fortunate few will ever experience."

While pricing for the car hasn't been confirmed, few will be so "God-blessed" as to be able to acquire a Valkyrie of their own. Indeed, all 150 of the road-going cars have already been sold. Aston Martin is also making 25 track-only versions, though the exact differences between the two models is unclear at this stage. Needless to say, both will be fast.

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