Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time to Die Edition is perfect for little James Bond

Aston Martin and the Little Car Company has unleashed the DB5 Junior No Time to Die Edition, a two-third scale electric-powered replica of Agent 007's original DB5. Sure, this Aston DB5 is a kid's toy. But like all creations by the Little Car company (like the Bugatti Baby II and Ferrari Testa Rossa J), the DB5 Junior can also fit an adult with its open-top body style.

And no, this pint-sized DB5 is not a convertible, although it's a roadster by design. Based on the Aston Martin DB5 Junior (also by the Little Car Company) unveiled last year, the No Time to Die Edition has received several 'transmogrifications,' all presumably done by a miniature version of Q.

Bond's original DB5 is a hardtop, but it doesn't matter. What matters is having all the spy gadgets that Bond can't do without. The passenger door has a secret access panel with buttons to activate the car's many features. It has simulated machine guns behind the headlights and revolving license plates to evade the baddies and law enforcement. If you wish to escape in a literal plume of smoke, pushing a button engages a smokescreen from the exhaust pipe.

We guess the only thing missing is that darn ejector seat, although we think the Little Car Company can do that for you after forking over some cash and signing a plethora of legal documents. In all seriousness, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die Edition is a collector's wet dream, but you'll need to have the dough to get your hands on one.

Prices for the Aston DB5 Junior No Time to Die Edition start at around $123,000 (£90,000), and the Little Car Company is only making 125 examples for worldwide consumption. It's a lot of money for what is conceivably a kid's toy, but no toy has black leather seats, black carpets, a wooden tiller, and the pedigree of a spy car.

There was no mention of the powertrain, but we assume it has the same 6.7-horsepower electric motor as the original DB5 Junior, enough to propel the electric car to a 30 mph top speed for 10 to 20 miles of driving range.