Archos Smartwatches Teased With "Pebble-Like" Design

There appears to be some great weight coming with the proliferation of the Pebble watch in the wearables market today, at least so far as other competing companies go. As proven today by Archos, the Pebble smart watch is so well known amongst early adopters that they've decided to use the term "pebble-like" in their press release for their own watches. They've even gone so far as the use the term with a lower-cased P.

For Archos the more important piece of this puzzle is the fact that they're bringing several smartwatch devices to the public at CES 2014. They'll be bringing on some other wearable devices to the masses then as well, including several "Connected Self" devices for fitness, primarily.

What we're seeing with the very, very brief preview of the set of watches – plural – that Archos are bringing to CES is a display attached to a band. Suggesting this machine is "pebble-like" implies that we've got an e-ink display, and by the looks of it, they've got a curved display ready for action as well.

Archos is known for bringing on devices with rather low costs, and this watch collection appears to be no stranger to that legacy. They've suggested that they'll have a smartwatch as inexpensive as 50 GBP, likely less than $100 USD for showing off at the Las Vegas-based convention. What could such a machine possibly do with such a tiny cost?