Archos wearables bring watch and scale to "Connected Self"

The Archos team are preparing for the oncoming wearable fad wave for CES 2014 with a set of "Archos Connected Self" devices this week. These devices all work with an upcoming app called Archos Connected Self, each of them working with health-related bits and pieces from the outset. These devices center on the fitness of the wearer or the user, right out of the box.NOTE: Above you're seeing the Archos Activity Tracker, while the first Archos watch can be found in a separate article – have a peek!

With the Archos Activity Tracker, the user will be wearing a relatively simple-looking band around their wrist. This band works with a standard USB recharging connector and is able to work for 7 days without charge. You'll have the time displayed as well as daily footsteps and calories burned. This machine connects with your smartphone through the Archos Connected Self app for constant syncing.

The Archos Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to work with a memory for over 40 different measurements and is able to display your heart beat information whenever you like. Also connected with the Archos Connected Self app, you'll be able to see when you've go an irregular heartbeat and will be able to track your heartbeat rate by time.

In the Archos Connected Scale we see only the second such device to be appearing at the convention, working here with 4 different users concurrently. One person steps on the scale at a time, of course, and you'll have measurements of body shape based on height and mass and a tracking of body fat mass. This machine also works with onboard memory for keeping track of your data between synchronizations with the Archos Connected Self app.

We'll be seeing this whole lot at CES 2014 – stick around and see one whole heck of a lot more as well, starting on the 5th!