Archos Connected Home hooks automation to Android tablet

Chris Davies - Dec 30, 2013, 12:20pm CST
Archos Connected Home hooks automation to Android tablet

Archos has revealed a new connected home system which will hook up your security, appliances, and even your dog to a smart ecosystem, all controlled by a new 7-inch “Home Gateway” Android tablet. The system, which uses Bluetooth LE to interconnect, consists of multiple “Home Objects” – generally spherical and roughly the side of a table tennis ball – such as cameras or motion sensors.

At launch, Archos says there will be five core devices intended for use around the home. That will include a mini camera, a motion-tracking ball, movement tag for tracking devices or pets, a weather tag, and a smart plug for controlling appliances.

As we’ve seen with other such systems, the idea will be that each peripheral can instruct other devices, making your smart home more autonomous. So, motion tracked by one of the sensors could turn on the lights automatically, as well as beginning video recording with the camera.

Smart cam

Control will either be from Archos’ dedicated Smart Home Tablet, which runs Android on a 7-inch touchscreen and is intended to be stood up on a coffee table or kitchen counter, or through the Android and iOS apps from your existing phone or tablet.

Meanwhile, there’s also a separate Archos Weather Station, which can collect information on temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, noise levels, and even carbon dioxide levels. That too will feed data back to an app, as well as comparing your local results to national weather information.

tablet side on

It’s all part of Archos’ new push into connected lifestyles, which also includes wearables and fitness tracking as part of the Archos Connected Self range. That includes a wireless-enabled scale, a Fuelband-style wristband, and a blood pressure monitor.

Archos has not confirmed pricing for any of the new Connected Home components, nor given any specifics on hardware as yet, though it will likely detail all that come CES 2014 when it officially launches the system.

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