Archos 5g HSDPA PMP French pricing leaks

Chris Davies - Oct 22, 2008
Archos 5g HSDPA PMP French pricing leaks

Archos’ latest range of Internet Media Tablets, the 5 and 7, are on sale in many markets worldwide, but if you want the 5g version with integrated HSDPA you’ll have to head to France.  SFR is so-far the only carrier to have publicly signed up to the WWAN PMP; their official launch is expected later this week, but they’ve been scooped by November’s issue of Stuff magazine.

Update: Stuff got the pricing wrong; see here for official details.

The “Archos 5 3G+”, as Stuff call it, will cost €279 ($363) with a monthly data charge of €29.90 ($39).  It’ll be launched alongside a rebadged version of the Aigo P8860 called the “MI PC Pocket”, also 3G enabled, priced at €349 ($448) with the same monthly data package.

Those prices both seem pretty steep, though there’s no indication as to whether they’re contract-free or require a 12-24 month service agreement.  If the latter, then it would’ve been nice for SFR to subsidize the Archos 5g a little more.  No word on exact release date.

[via Pocketables]

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