Archos 2 PMP reviewed: dreary UI, design & battery rescued by price

The Archos 2 PMP may not have the Android OS we've all been patiently waiting for, and neither does it have the nifty touchscreen interface of its 3 Vision sibling, but that doesn't mean it can't be a reasonable, budget media player.  Generation MP3 have one in to review – in a hue unpleasantly bordering on puce – and have found that while the Archos 2 may not embody all the innovation we've come to expect from the company, it does hit the right price spot.Video overview after the cut

They deem the ergonomics "average", the interface "dated" and the battery life "limited", all of which you'd think would count the Archos 2 out of the race.  However the price and the capacity – 8GB or 16GB , with a microSD card slot – are hard to argue with, given that the PMP starts from just $59.99.

There's nothing here for someone looking for the mythical "iPod killer", but if you're on a budget, don't care for the latest whiz-bang UI and are near to a USB port for recharging every 10hrs, the Archos 2 may be for you.  Check out their video overview below.