AR Quick Look update tips next moves for iPhone Pro

The near-future for the iPhone has a definite AR component to it – much as expected starting several years ago. The update for what Apple calls "Quick Look" in Augmented Reality has finally reached a point at which the placing of objects in the mixed-reality world can be pushed into a purchase. Before now, people were a bit more disconnected from the experience. Now you can see an object on your phone, place it in your world, and immediately tap a BUY button from there.

With Crua – tent hammocks, in this case – you'll see a system that works with Sayduck. This is just part of the equation. With a management system like Sayduck, users are able to bring their product to the 3D universe – which can then be allowed to be shared in AR, using AR Quick Look on iOS. This is where the big jump arrives – Apple just added a button.

With AR Quick Look, users can now add a step after their product is viewed in augmented reality on an iPhone or iPad – or whatever else Apple's AR platform will work with in the future. That extra step is, for example, a button that allows the person to speak with a company representative about the product – or an AI bot that speaks about the product.

With the latest update to AR Quick Look in Apple's AR platform, users can also add a BUY button. This makes it even super easier for a store to get the product into the lives of a user as fast as possible. Once they see the product (through the phone) in their home, they'll feel like they need it – and they'll buy it all the quicker if the BUY button is right there, right then.

Per TechCrunch, several companies are onboard for the first major preview of this system this week. Companies like Home Depot, Wayfair, Bang & Olufsen, and 1-800-Flowers will have solutions in place ASAP – if they're not already in-place by the time you read this article.

Nearby connectivity with Apple's already in-place hardware makes the potential for advancement in this space immense. The future of the iPhone Pro – or whatever iPhone has the ability to handle the most advanced abilities afforded to the iPhone user by iOS – is previewed here.

The iPhone Pro won't just be a device on which products are easily purchased – any old phone can do that. Now, thanks to advancements like ToF sensors and the array of optimizations made in the last generation of iPhone devices, not to mention the oncoming deluge of speed and data availability with 5G, we'll be able to buy things inside a mixed reality environment, augmented reality will show us what we're about to own, and the iPhone won't skip a beat... or at least that's the dream.