Apple’s Jony Ive nabs legendary gold Blue Peter badge

Chris Burns - Feb 15, 2013, 4:15pm CST
Apple’s Jony Ive nabs legendary gold Blue Peter badge

The CBBC’s Blue Peter program is the world’s longest running television program made specifically for children, run after 54 years as a magazine / entertainment show for learning and engaging with kids. This show has this week prepared an award for none other than Apple‘s Sir Johnathan Ive, here sending the designer off with the show’s “highest accolade.” Though those of you outside the UK may never have heard of this show (thumbs down to you), this award has stricken Ive (born in Chingford, London) as “absolutely incredible.”

The gold Blue Peter badge, as it’s called, is a rarity in the history of the show – so to speak – having only been given out to the most honorable of guests over the program’s many years on the air. Right around 1,000 badges have been given out, according to the BBC, others having been handed to the likes of JK Rowling, Damian Hirst, and The Queen (of England, of course).

UPDATE: The full interview is now available for all to see!

Acting Editor of Blue Peter Ewan Vinnicombe spoke up on the event, saying that Ive “is an inspiration to children around the world.” The award was given on an episode of the show that will be broadcast on CBBC Saturday the 16th of February at 10AM GMT. In the episode, Ive conducts miniature reviews of product designs sent in to the show by Blue Peter audience members. He gives advice to the children who designed said products, and lets them know what they can do to make great products in the future as well.

Also during the show you’ll see Ive being interviewed by presenter Barney Harwood, who has Ive recalling the influence the program had on him when he was as child. Speaking about how “vividly” he remembers watching the show in his early years, Ive speaks about how he enjoyed the way the creators of the show “reused products that you though were no longer useful.” Fun stuff!

BONUS: Having been given a tip that he’d be getting a gold Blue Peter badge before going on the show, Ive came prepared. Having been handed an official badge, Ive gave Barney a giant aluminum (aka aluminium) badge in return – one that took 10 hours to craft!

Be sure to catch the program as you eat your cereal in your footie pajamas in the fabulous England morning and let us know how it goes! For those of you in the USA that’ll be asleep at that point, just bust out your typing fingers and have a search for it – the CBBC will certainly post it up sooner than later. Can’t wait!

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