Apple's 4K 21.5-inch iMac might arrive next week

The tech flood just doesn't seem to stop, does it? Microsoft has just unveiled a new Surface Book that it unabashedly compares with Apple's MacBook Pro. But in just a few days, Apple might be firing back with a computer that Microsoft doesn't have a competitor to. At least not yet. Yes, it might be time for that iMac refresh. Sources are now claiming that Apple is preparing to launch its new 21.5-inch iMacs that have long been believed to sport a 4K resolution, finally bringing the smaller iMac forward in display tech.

That knowledge, or probably wish, was gained way back in June when a preview of OS X El Capitan, which has now been released in full, revealed hints of a 4K display for an iMac. Since the larger 27-inch model already sports a higher 5K resolution, it stands that the 21.5-inch version is the one that will get a refresh. It was rumored that this model will come out in October, it seems that will be the case indeed.

That said, the new iMacs might not have anything new other than the resolution. Design-wise and spec-wise, the iMac refresh is expected to be exactly the same. That probably means the same Core i5 processors inside, though there might be some hope that Apple would take the time to put in Skylake processors instead. There is also talk of a better graphics card to go along with it.

As for an exact date, those sources have put the date on October 13, interestingly exactly 7 days after Microsoft's biggest event. There is an off chance that Apple will also reveal new accessories for the new iMacs, like a new Magic Mouse or Bluetooth keyboard, but there is less certainty around those details.

VIA: 9to5Mac