Apple Watch Series 7 - Everything you should know

Apple has followed the regime of releasing a new smartwatch every year since 2015. In fact, the Cupertino giant released two smartwatches last year. This gives us reason enough to believe the successor to Apple Watch Series 6 is just around the corner.

Based on the trickling leaks about the next hot wearable, times are looking exciting in the coming months as Apple Watch Series 7 release is imminent. Will it be a worthy upgrade to the Watch 6 or will it just be a lucrative proposition for first-time buyers? Let's dive into all the details known so far to draw out an educated guess.

Design and display

There's not been a radical design change in the last few years for Apple Watch but that could change with the upcoming wearable. If we go by the leaked renders released by Jon Prosser in May, the smartwatch will see a refreshing new form factor with thin bezels. According to Jon, the renders are a combo or real product images and the original CAD files that also reveal a flat edge design – in line with the iPhone 12 redesign.

This leak also coincides with the speculation put forward by 91mobiles that confirms an Apple smartwatch with no round edges – a boxy design to be precise. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who reported back in June, the Apple Watch Series 7 will surely have thinner bezels and employs a lamination method to bring the display closer to the front cover.

As far as the dial size goes, we could be in for 41mm and 45mm options. This prediction is based on the post shared by a leaker UnclePan (who has past history of leaking Apple product information) on Weibo and later on reported by MacRumors. Word is in the air that Apple Watch Series 7 could employ a microLED screen this time for the display. The technology offers better brightness levels and doesn't have luminance decay problems.

The smartwatch might come in sage green color according to Prosser and the renders by the tipster show the red, black, blue and silver options of the watch. Will these be the final colors when Apple Watch Series 7 is released, is anybody's guess. According to Gurman, the steeply-priced titanium version of the watch could be in the works for this year.

Fresh health features

Apple Watch Series 7 has a slim chance of bringing the blood glucose level monitoring feature as per some earlier reports. That however is contradicted by a recent Bloomberg report, which claims the opposite. It clearly states the upcoming Apple wearable will skip the function which is disappointing.

On the brighter side of things, the smartwatch might get new fitness features like swim-tracking and more. This is also confirmed in the same report by the news website. The stress monitoring function is likely to be added to the Apple wearable and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

There are chances the feature will debut on the Apple Watch Series 7, appealing to the audience who have frequent panic attacks and get stressed easily. As competitors are already touting the stress management features on their smartwatches, Apple could be tempted to include the function.

Battery life

Apple Watch models in the past have not been well taken for the battery life, and the new smartwatch might change that opinion, finally! According to rumors and Patently Apple's documents, the watch will have a double-sized S7 chip from ASE Technology to free up space for a bigger battery. Apple is apparently researching ways to increase the battery capacity of wearables without compromising on the size.

The Apple Watch 6 has a 265.9mAh battery which offers a dismal 18 hours of battery life, so a bigger battery on the upcoming watch is more than welcome. If Apple fails to address this dimension yet again, it will surely lose traction as compared to other competitors who have far better battery life to show.

Probable release date

The Apple Watch Series 7 was speculated to be released in the second half of 2021, as reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last year. This gives us a waypoint as to when the wearable will make an appearance. In all probability, the smartwatch could be announced at the Apple event to take place next month. In fact as early as September 7 if we are to go by the rumors in the air about the keynote event.

Last year the Apple Watch Series 6 was announced besides iPad Air on September 15, while the iPhone 12 lineup was released in a separate virtual reveal event on September 18. This year, however, we presume the Apple Watch Series 7 will make its first appearance alongside the equally anticipated iPhone 13.

Making an exact date prediction is very difficult here but expect the event to take place in the second or third week of September. This timeframe is based on speculations and a logical gut feel.

Expected price tag

Pricing is where we can be fairly sure as far as Apple Watch 7 goes. In the past, Apple has set a $399 price tag for the entry-level 40mm models with GPS. The 44mm version came for $429 and an extra $100 for cellular support. The 2021 smartwatch in all likelihood will launch somewhere around the $400 price point. Apple is unlikely to risk a price hike as it would only weaken its position against the competition.


The next-generation Apple wearable is going to be an exciting gadget for sure – taking the fight head-on to the likes of Galaxy Watch 4 or Fitbit Charge 5. To materialize this Apple will have to at least work on the battery life and bring unique features to the fore to make loyal Android users (or prospective buyers) think otherwise.

As we said, the details on this wearable are scanty at this point in time and the coming weeks will reveal the real picture. We hope the Apple Watch Series 7 will live up to the expectations and shine just like the wearables its predecessors have been.