Apple Watch finally available in stores

Apple's Watch becomes available for the masses straight through the company's physical stores after weeks of being on sale online. While the company's sales of the Apple Watch have been taking place through online pre-orders and general sale for the past several weeks, in-store availability had not been a reality anywhere around the world. Not at Apple Stores proper. That's changed this week, as stock has been sent to most official Apple Stores for full swing standard selling to everyday citizens.

While lines began forming to try on the Apple Watch back in April, you couldn't actually own the device by heading in to an Apple Store from the start. While Katy Perry had one with Mickey Mouse on its face, you could not. Unless you'd pre-ordered the device without having tried it on and tested it first.

April 10th was the first day Apple invited prospective Apple Watch wearers to try the device on. Apple Stores have a special appointment session available for Watch wearers of the future, making a personal experience out of the choosing of one's device.

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Walking in to an Apple Store in the United States, Canada, China, and Japan will be all you need to do to purchase an Apple Watch from this point on. That and giving Apple a few hundred (or thousand) dollars for the privilege.

June 26th is the date when the Watch will be available in Apple Stores for countries such as Italy, South Korea, Spain, and Mexico.