Apple Watch coming soon to a Best Buy near you

Like any Apple product, or maybe even more so, the Apple Watch has had its share of believers and naysayers. Just this month, Apple's first wearable was put under much scrutiny due to what was perceived lack of general interest in the smartwatch. Although Apple refuted such claims, both with some actual numbers as well as strong statements, the fact remained that the limited availability of the Apple Watch probably hurt more than it helped. Well, not anymore, because starting next week, you can buy one at a Best Buy retail store.

Yes, Best Buy. The chain will be the first brick and mortar store aside from Apple's own to carry the smartwatch line. First available only only and through reservations, Apple last month started selling the Apple Watch in its own retail stores but still only limited in number and, more importantly, locations.

Apple's retail strategy for the Apple Watch was unlike anything it had done before. For example, compared to the iPhone, which is found in 220,000 locations, not including unofficial resellers, the Apple Watch is only in 680 stores spread across the world. Instead of the long queues that greeted each iPhone launch, Apple opted to go with staggered waves of availability. CEO Tim Cook says that this was because demand for the device far surpassed supplies and they wanted to first focus on those who ordered it first.

That said, hype plus low supply equals dissatisfied customers, which helped paint an image of an Apple Watch that was struggling to leave a mark on the market. Good thing, then, that Apple is on the verge of a more widespread attack. Says an Apple spokesperson:

"Customers love Apple Watch, and we are thrilled to begin offering it at Best Buy locations across the U.S. starting August 7. More than 300 Best Buy stores will carry Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models in time for the holiday shopping season."

In reality, Apple isn't going full out just yet. That 7th August date will only seen an initial 100 stores, reaching only the full 300 by the holidays. And, as always, only the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models will be available. The golden Apple Watch Edition remains an elusive beast.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal