Apple vs Samsung Japan: no patent infringement found yet

Today it appears that Samsung has been found free of any patent infringement in at least one part of their mobile device patent court case against Apple in Japan. There are several cases still being fought in matters relating to Apple and Samsung patents and design rights around the world, as it were, Japan only the most recent to release a partial verdict. This verdict has been reported by both Bloomberg and Reuters at this point, so we're expecting an official update within the next few hours as well.

The reports at hand note that the Tokyo District Court has made it clear in its verdict reflects Apple's accusation that Samsung infringed upon a patent of theirs that covers music and video data with a server. The verdict appears at the moment to say that Samsung has not been found guilty of said infringement and that they'll owe no damages to Apple at the present time. This verdict also appears to be a partial reading while other matters are being released at a later time.

It's important to know that each of the cases currently going on around the world that involve Samsung and Apple do not necessarily connect to one another. There was a case in South Korea recently that had both Apple's iPad and iPhone ranges banned from sale entirely due to infringement found on technology owned by Samsung in the country. A similar infringement was up for trial in the recent Apple vs Samsung trail in the United States and Apple was found to have done no wrong, with Samsung's ownership of the technology being covered under fair use laws, this allowing Apple to utilize without acquiring a license from the other company.

This case in Japan is a different matter entirely. With Samsung appearing to be free of patent infringement in this one matter across their entire Galaxy line of Android devices, we'll likely see similar verdicts for whatever else Apple is claiming in the patent universe as well. Stay tuned as the Japan bit of this worldwide set of court cases between these two tech titans continues!

[via Engadget]