Apple updated but still no white iPhone 4

Chris Davies - Jan 26, 2011, 2:59 am CST
Apple updated but still no white iPhone 4

Excitement and disappointment this morning, as an unexpected update to the Apple store that was rumored to bring the white iPhone 4 turned out to be a more aesthetic change to the site itself. What were suggested to be white iPhone SKUs – MC604X/A (16GB) and MC606X/A (32GB) – on Twitter failed to materialise in the store itself.

The Apple navigation bar at the top of the page has now gone glossy, though the page content for the various sections on iPhone, Mac, iPod, iPad, etc. has remained the same. iPhone options remain the black iPhone 3GS or black iPhone 4, with no sign of the long-delayed white version.

The smartphone had recently been spotted cropping up in AT&T’s systems, a move which some predicted might mean a retail release was imminent. Seems like we’ll still have to wait for that to happen, however.

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