Apple TV sells over 2 million units in Q1 2013

Craig Lloyd - Jan 23, 2013, 5:05pm CST
Apple TV sells over 2 million units in Q1 2013

During Apple’s Q1 2013 earnings call today, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that the company sold over 2 million Apple TV units during the three-month quarter. This is a 60% increase year-over-year — in other words, Apple has sold a record amount of Apple TVs this last quarter than any other quarter before.

As he mentioned in the TV interview with Brian Williams a while back, television is “an area of intense interest” for Apple, and what was once a small niche for Apple, is now an area that the company wants to capitalize on. Cook says that “there is a lot we can contribute to the space,” but he resisted sharing any more information on the subject.

We’ve already heard plenty of rumors about an Apple television set, including hearsay that Sharp is working on some display panels for the rumored television, while Foxconn is said to be testing various models of the Apple television, including sizes that range from 46 inches to 55 inches. Obviously, we’re keeping the salt by our sides until we hear something from Apple, but it leaves us with many questions.

So, while we didn’t really get anymore information out of the Apple execs as far as their plans for a possible Apple television set, we were told that the television sector is something that Apple is at least interested in, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up diving deep into the industry to supplement its Apple TV STB.

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