Apple TV preorder payments taken: shipping imminent?

It looks like Apple could be preparing to ship its first batch of Apple TV units, with SlashGear reader Russell letting us know that his card has just been charged for his September 1st preorder.  Apple usually only takes preorder payment when they're ready to send out the hardware, and that would certainly fit in with the company's launchday promise to release the new STB within around four weeks.

The new Apple TV is just a quarter of the size of its predecessor, and now relies on cloud storage and streaming rather than downloads and local content.  Ports are limited to HDMI, optical digital audio and ethernet, and it's priced at just $99.

For some first-impressions of the Apple TV, check out our hands-on.  Anybody else place a preorder and now getting a payment notification?  Let us know in the comments.

[Thanks Russell!]