Apple TV Redesigned, Now a Tiny Black Box with HDMI

The Apple TV revolution may have been less a revolution and more of a hobby, which has been agreed upon even by Steve Jobs himself. But, that's not stopping Jobs and company from announcing a brand new, second-generation Apple TV. But, this time around, it certainly is a revolution, even if you're just looking at it from a first-to-second generation stand point. Now smaller, a quarter of the size of the original and able to fit into the palm of your hand, Apple TV has become something completely different.

The new Apple TV is a small black box that features an HDMI port, OpticalAudio, ethernet, and no power brick. You'll get first-run HD Movie rentals for only $4.99, and now HD TV shows are only $.99. And, as you might expect, all of the content will continue to get cheaper as time passes. There is no syncing involved, just streaming.

And best of all? It will only cost you $99. You can pre-order it right now if you want, and it will be available in about four weeks.

Stay tuned as more information develops.