Apple to unveil thinner iPad and Retina iPad Mini this year says sources

Apple is reportedly planning to unveil a new thinner iPad in the coming months, as well as a Retina iPad Mini, according to sources who spoke with Bloomberg. Rumor of a thinner iPad had already surfaced earlier this month via The Wall Street Journal, and according to the latest sources, both slates will be introduced in the "last three months" of 2013.

The upcoming iPad will have the larger 9.7-inch display, but with a body that is said to be closer to what consumers get with the current iPad Mini, offering thinner bezels than the current full-sized iPad. This will be the first redesign of the iPad since the one that rolled out in March of last year, something consumers have been waiting for.

Then there's the smaller 7.9-inch iPad Mini, which will be featuring a high-resolution Retina display according to the sources. If all goes as rumored, the two new tablets will be rolling out soon after the next iPhone, which word has pegged for an early September release. All in all, a trio of new Apple devices could be finding their way on to holiday shopping lists this holiday season.

Such news comes at a time when Apple has seen its market share dip, the degree to which varies based on which research firms' numbers you side with. Not surprisingly, Apple has declined to comment on the rumors either way, so for now such information stays filed away in the "unconfirmed" category. The sources' claims fall in line with things that have been anticipated and leaked several times, however.

Last week, we saw an iPad 5 display panel leak showing off the glass and digitizer showing design elements taken from the iPad Mini's playbook, among them being curved corners. There's also the use of Flexible Printed Circuits rather than a Flat Flexible Cable, though – as with the aforementioned rumors – nothing has been confirmed yet.

SOURCE: Bloomberg