Apple Tipped To Be Seeking Lower Music Rates

Apple is reportedly looking to offer Beats Music at a lower-than-typical price point, and to do so it is on the prowl for different pricing structures from major music labels. Such information comes from sources that spoke to Re/code, who says these discussions have only recently started.

If all goes as planned, Apple will be making changes that allow it to offer Beats Music subscriptions at sub-$10 per month. The change wouldn't happen until 2015, however, assuming it takes place at all. Apple hasn't made any official comments on the rumor.

It isn't revealed what kind of terms Apple is looking for, nor what price point specifically it is aiming for — if it has a particular figure in mind or is merely looking to hit the less-than-$10 price point. It is also suggested the company is looking to add new features, but there is no information beyond that.

If history is any indication, getting music labels to agree to changes — particularly ones involving less money and more features — will be difficult. The industry notably drags its feet in these matters. Hit up the timeline below for related news.

SOURCE: Re/code