Apple taking on Snapchat with self-destructing a/v Messages

At WWDC 2014 with the release of iOS 8 will come a new version of the most-used app on the platform: Messages. This updated app will come with Group Messaging – name a thread, add & remove, add a Do Not Disturb note, and Leave Thread are all options. You can also send messages that self-destruct.

With iOS 8 and Messages you're going to be able to set up a room where you can chat with your family on a road trip. You can keep a tracker on your phone to let them know where you are – Share Location, that is. With Apple Maps, your friends and family will be able to pinpoint you at any time (again, if you allow them to do so.)

Tap to Talk is also added in this version of Messages. Here you'll be able to make an audio recording and send it to your associate. The audio is recorded, saved, and sent.

This Tap to Talk action also works with video – record a video, send it, and the person on the other end of the message will get to watch it whenever they like.

Group Messaging can be used to share your location for as long as you like – share for one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. Likely to save on space in each person's phone – or on Apple's servers – self-destruct is automatic with Tap to Talk with audio and video.

You can, however, tap a "keep" button to make certain you have whatever's been sent as long as you like.

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