Apple Tablet makes second video showing: still fake, still impressive

It's Friday and perilously close to the holidays, so we reckon we're allowed to kick back and watch a little more Apple Tablet concept footage.  Just like last week's clip we're calling fake on its authenticity, but we're still mighty impressed by the rendering skills of whoever created it.Video after the cut

This time around, rather than an interactive home furnishing system we've got what looks to be a digital magazine or news site, with various touchable elements that call up separate stories and video.  The Cover Flow style navigation system makes another appearance, and there are various gestures used to move between pages.

Interestingly, SlashGear reader Aidin Brown identified the app on the last video as IKEA's free home planner, but fellow commenter Adam Bartholomew spotted that the app doesn't actually run on OS X – you'll need a PC instead.  Check out the first video here.