Apple Tablet video leak is obviously fake, but we still want it

Now, we'll prefix this with a huge disclaimer that it's 99.9-percent fake, and we're only pointing to it because – as concept videos go – it's a pretty slick one.  Purported to be a leaked video demo of the much-rumored Apple Tablet, it shows a thin slate with a touchscreen and Cover Flow style interface.Video after the cut

As for why we don't believe a moment of it, not only does Apple's secrecy machine tend to clamp down tightly on anything so large as video access to such a prototype, but the content on-screen all seems a little to "perfect".  We can't imagine Apple putting together some sort of IKEA-esque room decor tool, and it's unlikely that any third-party site would be quite so well integrated with any Apple Tablet's interface system.

Nonetheless, as concepts go we think it's pretty slick, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't like the idea of a thin, touchscreen slate – whether it's an Apple Tablet, a JooJoo or one of the numerous Android-based devices that are proliferating these days – for sofa-surfing.  Rather than scream "FAKE" at us in the comments, let us know what you think of the concept design or UI instead.

[via BeGeek]