Apple Stores to use iBeacon tech to guide shoppers

Shane McGlaun - Dec 6, 2013, 7:13am CST
Apple Stores to use iBeacon tech to guide shoppers

The first time we talked about the iBeacon technology was in November when it was announced that Macy’s would be using the tech to guide shoppers around its stores. iBeacon technology uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect the stores to shoppers depending on where they are in the retail store via an app on a smartphone.

The idea is to be able to help the shopper find what they are looking for in the store and to make offers to the shopper that go with what they are seeing in a specific part of the store. Macy’s might have been one of the first stores to adopt the tech, but reports indicate that Apple is now ready to make use of iBeacon as well.

All 254 US Apple Stores will begin using the tech today according to reports. The iBeacon tech works in conjunction with the Apple Store app running on the iPhone. iBeacon will help guide shoppers around the store making it easier to find what they are looking for.

The tech will also allow the app to tell shoppers via the app when their order is ready for pick up. The iBeacon tech can also offer users upgrades when they walk by iPhone or iPad displays and more. iBeacon opens up a way to allow customers to answer a bunch of upgrade questions themselves at the point of sale by showing what their existing device is worth and more. The tech does require transmitters in the store and Apple reportedly has about 20 in its locations, and some of the transmitters are iPhones and iPads.


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