Apple iBeacon experimentation tests tracking as Macy's jumps on board

Apple's iBeacon technology came around with the launch of iOS 7, and has scored its widespread debut with Macy's becoming the first retailer to deploy the technology in its stores. Under the same principle, the folks over at Nerdery have put the technology through the wringer, testing its abilities and the feasibility of the technology's implementation.

iBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, and works in a very simple manner, which is summed up neatly in the image above. Over at Nerdery, a testbed app project was initiated to test out possibilities and what exactly is being offered, which is detailed at length on the company's blog and in an abridged fashion in the video below.

One use of iBeacon technology has been by Shopkick, which launched a serviced dubbed ShopBeacon for retailers to leverage the technology. As you might imagine, ShopBeacon allows retailers to track customers within their stores via iBeacon technology, and Macy's is the first to give this a shot. So far, two stores will be getting the technology.

Macy's in NYC's Herald Square and Macy's in Union Square in San Francisco are having iBeacon transmitters installed, which will then communicate with those who have the Shopkick app instead on their iPhone. From there, different activities can take place, such as discounts being sent out to those customers. The system is in beta right now, but will open up to everyone soon.

SOURCE: Nerdery Blog and GigaOm