Apple: Stores in 12 countries serving over 83 million visitors

Things just kicked off here in San Fransisco where momentarily Apple will be unveiling the all new iPhone 5. We expect some great things to come from today's event but as usual they're talking numbers. In case you're not following along you can watch it all unfold on our live blog at, then check out the mind boggling numbers below.

Last year Apple announced 300m iPods sold and over 16 billion songs had been downloaded, but now just a short year later those numbers have surely grown by huge margins across the board. Today while on stage Apple's man in charge Tim Cook just stated store numbers and Mountain Lion upgrades, surely devices are next. Apple has stores in over 12 countries, and announced that they've served over 83 million visitors. Pretty impressive numbers to say the least. He also briefly talked Mountain Lion upgrades for OSX stating over 7 million copies have been sold. Oh and don't forget the fact that they've now sold over 400 million iOS devices.

With the launch of the all new iPhone 5 coming up shortly, those stores will soon be full of huge lines and eager patrons looking to buy the next big thing. This event has just kicked off and surely we'll be hearing plenty of other impressive numbers from Apple, then the star of the show which we all know is the iPhone 5. Will it be the biggest upgrade in consumer electronics history? Stay tuned to find out, and be sure to get any and all Apple related news from our Apple Portal.