Apple Store secret NFC payment upgrade tipped

The iPhone NFC saga continues: while analysts suggest that the incoming iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 may not, in fact, offer the short-range wireless system, the latest rumors out of Apple's stores indicate retail locations may be getting a secret NFC upgrade. According to BGR's sources, Apple has been busily installing new hardware in its stores in overnight maintenance sessions, including what appear to be cash-wrap equipped tables with different wiring looms to what's been used until now.

That certainly points to the idea that Apple is reworking its payment systems, and NFC would be an obvious direction in which the company could take things. The company is also believed to be readying a significant event to celebrate its 10th retail anniversay, involving new hardware being installed at stores over the weekend.

Now, just because Apple Stores could have NFC support, doesn't necessarily mean that its devices will, but it would certainly make sense for iPhone users to be able to buy accessories and other products simply by waving their smartphones across a scanner.