Apple Store is down: MacBook Pro refresh expected

Could a MacBook Pro refresh be in the offing?  We've just checked the Apple Store and it's currently offline for updating, while rumors are circulating that an anonymous source has fingered the reworked flagship notebooks for a launch today.  Elsewhere leaked screenshots from Best Buy's inventory system have seemingly confirmed that the current MacBook Pro SKUs have been deleted and the laptops are no longer available to order.

Meanwhile we've already seen leaked Geekbench benchmarking results for what appears to be an Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro.  A new MBP with Intel's fastest Core i7 chips has been rumored for some time, though we've also heard talk of a Core i5 option for more affordable versions.

Ironically, MacWorld 2010 is about to kick off, and this marks the first year that Apple aren't holding a keynote there.  We'll be keeping an eye on the Apple Store to see when it returns and what new goodness they might have on offer.