Apple Store in Singapore: first in Southeast Asia, renewable energy

Apple is confirming that it will indeed be opening its own store in Singapore. While that news in itself is already cause for jubilation among Apple fans in the country, it has also far reaching implications as well. For one, it will be the first Apple Store to break ground in a Southeast Asian country. For another, like the Apple's operations in the US and China, it will be running on renewable energy. This will make Apple the first company in Singapore to run exclusively on green energy, strengthening Cupertino's image among environment friendly companies.

Technology is something usually seen as something opposed to being environment friendly, which is why many of the industry giants are doubling their efforts to project a green image. Most recently, Apple has stepped up its actions in China, one of the most notorious countries when it comes to pollution but on which many companies, especially those dealing with electronics, are dependent on. Last month, Apple proudly announced that all its operations, meaning its offices, in China have switched completely to renewable energy. Now it will try to repeat that boast in Singapore.

Angela Ahrendts, SVP for retail and online stores, reportedly confirmed that Apple will indeed be opening a store in Singapore, though there is no word when or where. Unlike China or even India, the region isn't exactly the most prized, mostly characterized by a market where budget level, or at least budget priced, devices proliferate. That said, Apple does have a strong presence in that market as well and Singapore, considered by many as the tech hub of Southeast Asia, might be the perfect testbed for expansion.

But that won't be Singapore's only claim to fame as far as Apple is concerned. It will be the company's next target for its Environmental Responsibility program, which means moving its operations completely to renewable energy. And that includes the upcoming store as well. That will also be a first for the Southeast Asian country. Apple will be partnering with local company Sunseap group who will be providing renewable power. As Singapore doesn't have the sprawling lands that China has, Sunseap will be resorting to rooftop solar panels to produce the needed energy instead. These will be placed on top of public-owned buildings as well as Apple's offices to produce 50 MW, enough to power 9,000 homes, though 33 MW will be given to Apple for its own use.

SOURCE: Reuters

VIA: TechCrunch