Apple Store goes down: MacBook Air and more incoming!

The Apple Store has been taken down, signaling that the company's web-elves are readying new product listings. Top of the list of expected additions to the store this morning is a new range of MacBook Air ultraportables, details for which leaked earlier this morning. However, Mac OS X Lion is also being released today.

Though OS X Lion will be distributed through the Mac App Store, rather than as boxed software sold through the regular online store, we're guessing there'll be a new listing for it linking to the download system. Apple is also rumored to be updating the Mac mini, the company's compact desktop computer.

Like the MacBook Air, the mini is tipped to be getting an Intel Sandy Bridge refresh, introducing new Core processors from the silicon firm's 2011 range. Thunderbolt connectivity is also expected, allowing for high-speed data connections to external drives, NAS, media interfaces and – thanks to DisplayPort support – monitors.

On that front, we wouldn't be surprised to see Apple's updated LED Cinema Display, which was prematurely added to the company's site last week, also go on sale today. The new monitors will have Thunderbolt ports, allowing them to be daisy-chained off a single MacBook Pro or other Apple computer.

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