Apple Store down: new iMacs and MacBooks incoming? Update: Nope, nothing new

You guessed it, it's a Tuesday and the Apple Store has been taken down for the usual hurried batch of updating.  No word on what we might be seeing added today, but considering the past few weeks have hummed with talk of new iMac desktops and new MacBook entry-level notebooks there could be a pleasant surprise if you're in the market for a new OS X machine.

Update: The store is back online (only the US site went down) and there are no changes we can see aside from to the cart system itself.  Looks like this was just maintenance downtime, and we'll have to wait a little longer for new iMacs and MacBooks.

The new iMacs – which have been tipped as imminent – are said to include several new multimedia improvements, as well as follow the stylings of the Apple Cinema Display range more closely.  Meanwhile the new MacBooks are said to still use white plastic casings but be thinner, have non-user-accessible batteries and a lower price point.

We won't know for another few hours what changes have actually occurred, and of course this could me a minor update rather than the hardware storm we're crossing our fingers for.  We'll be keeping an eye on things, and update as soon as we know more.