Apple reveals its hand early… with a funny video

Chris Burns - Jun 4, 2018, 11:37 am CDT
Apple reveals its hand early… with a funny video

This morning Apple posted several videos to YouTube before WWDC 2018. The event generally holds information largely aimed at developers, but occasionally shows new bits and pieces of information for consumers. In today’s presentation, we’re expecting a variety of software bits as well as a POSSIBILITY – not a great possibility, but a possibility – of some hardware. But before that, Apple’s released a set of teasers with all the information we need to see what’s up.

The video shows the iPhone X’s own Animoji singing a song. It’s probably no mistake that the Apple crew behind the video spot features the bear most closely associated, visually, with a certain super-famous music, rap, and fashion star. In this video, though, it’s all about bringing some flashing lights to the tech that’s already in play on Apple’s best-selling smartphone.

It wouldn’t be a shock to find the music artist HYUKOH appear at WWDC 2018 at some point. In this commercial we see three Animoji singing the song Taxi Driver. In doing so, they suggest several things:

1. They aren’t worried about people assuming they can make something like this on their iPhone X. Obvious to those users that already own an iPhone X, this isn’t simple – but if they wanted to get wacky with video export and recording in 10-second intervals, it is technically possible. Maybe.

2. They’re aiming at the number 3. It should be clear that Apple’s not going to walk away from their 3-tier iPhone lineup this year, and they’re probably going to make it simple with three sizes for iPhone X, without the home button, with the notch. They won’t reveal these devices at WWDC 2018, but they’ll give some big indicators.

3. Apple’s not letting go of their smart vehicle initiatives, both public and not-yet-public. I don’t think they’re going to be making their own Taxi Driver service at WWDC, but they’re not about to let developers forget that they’ve got their hand in multiple industries all at once.

Today we’re expecting some major advances in the ARKit universe. Keep your eyes on the possibility that Apple’s opening up the doors to multiple phones tracking a single Augmented Reality – objects from more angles than one. They’ll need some heavy duty processor power for that, but iPhone X has it!

Stick around as the WWDC 2018 keynote begins imminently! We’ll have all the news posted to our main news feed at SlashGear dot com as it goes public!

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